Modi’s Golda Meir wrath of god moment – 1

Recent Uri attack has caused a big outrage in India. It’s not new and India has been subjected to this kind of attack for long (more than three decades). But this time the expectations are high as the new government promised a more muscular foreign policy (eye for an eye with Pakistan). News channels have dedicated their entire 24 hours for the same. Overwhelming number of discussions and talk shows comprising of Ex-Diplomats, Military Generals, Defense experts, reporters are incessantly going on discussing the next course of action. Social media platforms like Facebook, twitter etc are flooded with articles, write ups suggesting ways of dealing with the situation. Emotions are high at the moment, creating an immense pressure to go for some action on the ground. But going by the recent media reports in public domain, govt won’t go for any Knee-jerk reactions and strong efforts would be done to gather world community support against Pak sponsored terrorism. And for military – there would be a befitting response at the time and place of their choosing.

If someone has followed the various initiatives that Indian govt, Diplomats and embassies have taken in past couple of years, they will understand – first there is clearly a plan to isolate Pakistan. We have started interacting with all the neighboring countries like Afghanistan, Iran, SriLanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and so forth and gradually becoming successful in showing the true face of a rogue nation Pakistan. We have raised the related issues on all the International forums like UN, BRICS, ASEAN etc. Majority of the countries understand the menace of terrorism barring a few like China (due to their own policy). In addition to that we see majority of the nations willing to help India against terrorism.  Secondly world community understands today that India is a emerging super power and it’s good to maintain friendly relations with us. We have been successful in creating economic and defense ties with many countries. FDI in India is at a record level with avg annual growth rate of 8%. Everyone wants a share of pie. They are ready to help us covertly/overtly.

Now, there are some hard facts that I expect various governments and public in India should have understood by now. Pakistan fought four wars with India in 1947, 1965, 1971 and 1999 and they clearly know that they can’t win a conventional war with India. And so they framed “Bleed India by 1000 cuts” and started aiding & abetting terrorist in the 1990’s. They used Islam to radicalize innocent civilians to take up arms not only in Kashmir but their own country. There entire nuclear program started with a theft by their highly decorated thief Dr A Q Khan. Then there all weather ally China helped them by hook and crook to create there so called deterrence against Indian hegemony.

All said and done the current situation is that any direct military confrontation can eventually lead to a Nuclear war. We can blame as much as we want the current govt for not giving a befitting military reply to Pakistan.  Also I see many of us ready for Nuclear war as their blood is on boil. But we must acknowledge the fact that only country to loose in such a scenario would be India and the reason is simple – a beggar like Pakistan has nothing to lose.

Then comes the biggest question what’s the way forward?

(1) “विषस्य विष औसधम ” means poison kills poison.

(2) Small storey – Chanakya [1], Chandragupta Maurya’s chief strategist, was initially failing in his efforts to overthrow the Nandas who ruled Magadha. His direct attacks led only to reverses, but he learnt a lesson when he overheard a mother scolding her child for burning his fingers by trying to take food from the middle of a hot bowl instead of its cooler fringes. This prompted Chanakya to realise his mistake: you don’t take on an enemy at his strongest points.

Above two are from our own rich heritage and history. We have this habit of ignoring our own rich heritage and culture and ape the west. While the best foot forward is – learn from our history and culture; create insight from western experiences, unmatched planning and impeccable execution. Learn and relearn. Now to defeat a poison like terrorism we also need poison. Does that mean we should create our own militia and send to Pakistan? No absolutely not. Then let’s move to Chanakyas storey. In essence we have to “Hit” (to poison) but “Hit where it hurts” (weakness of our enemy).

What are the weaknesses of our enemy? In case of Pakistan there is a long list of weaknesses starting from weak economy, high rate of unemployment, lack of education, ethnic violence (siya, sunni, afghan, pastun, hazaara, baloch), Indus water treaty, armed/unarmed uprisings demanding secession – Balochistan, Sindhudesh and so forth. I am sure we have been exploiting those time to time from behind the curtain and will continue doing them more vigorously now.

But what about an approach to deter terrorist at the very onset of the terror idea ? I am sure we have heard about Israel’s success against Hamass a lot. But not sure how many of us know about Israel’s Prime minister – Golda Meir and Operation “Wrath of god”. Golda Meir said – I hope to be remembered for my atrocities! Its time when Modi needs to remembered for the atrocities against Pak sponsored terrorists under his own version of operation wrath of god.


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